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Клиенто-ориентированный подход к обучению
Customer-oriented approach to learning
Our students are at the centre of everything we do. Their professional success is
our priority.
Хорошее<br> сочетание<br> цены и качества
Our programs are 30% more affordable than most Russian business schools and 50% more affordable than the majority of European business schools.
Преподаватели с реальным руководящим опытом
More than 70% of our instructors have significant business management experience gained in reputable Russian and foreign companies.
Развитие<br> настоящих Лидеров<br> Бизнеса
Our programs go a step beyond, integrating the skills of change management, interpersonal communication, coaching, innovation in the curriculum.
Активное обучение действием
Active learning
Our principle- 80% of knowledge and skills are acquired by doing.  All courses include case studies, business games and project work.
Беспрецендентные глобальные возможности
Unprecedented Global Opportunities
Partnerships with 25+ international organizations offer students the opportunity to develop their language skills or complete internships abroad.
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Ekaterina Movsumova
Ekaterina Movsumova
Marketing Director, The Moscow Times, Publishing House Independent Media Sanoma Magazines
The crisis of 2008 resulted in key challenges for all mass media. This was first related to print media that were forced to rebuild traditional business models and diversity their activities. Because of the global changes occurring, I decided to immerse myself in post graduate studies, and decided to pursue an MBA degree at the MFUA Business School. During my studies, I began to understand the reasons and consequences of business and social changes, and have been able to implement knowledge and skills gained at MFUA’s MBA program in my mass media career.
Margarita Stepanova
Margarita Stepanova
Deputy Head of Legal Department, "Pioneer Recruitment Services"
The MBA Program provided by Moscow University of Finance and Law expanded the horizons of my understanding of business, in addition to helping me develop strategic thinking skills, and learning how to make effective managerial decisions. It is easy to combine this program with work. The program is developed and implemented by real professionals who are always ready to listen to your opinion, and provide individualized attention to the needs of each student. Additionally, I have a unique opportunity to work and study with a team of professionals in various fields, exchange experiences and knowledge and gain new ideas that I am then able to implement in my company. This program lets me to communicate with leaders, study with leaders and be a leader!
Ekaterina Shapovalova
Ekaterina Shapovalova
HR Director, "Almaz-Holding"
To have an MBA degree is becoming trendy and prestigious in Russia. Students join MBA programs all have their own goals and reasons for enrolling. For me, enrolling in an MBA program is primarily an opportunity for professional development, systematization of my knowledge, structuring of practical experience and, most importantly, gaining the ability to see business from the inside, as a strategy-maker. The MFUA MBA program attracted me by its practical approach and ability to study specifics and practices of both Russian and foreign companies. Gained knowledge and experience can be tested and reinforced on the job, or through internships abroad. Additional study programs at MFUA’s foreign partner universities are also available. The program prepares us to work effectively in fast-changing business, and provides us with the methodologies and tools to create sustainable business models, which are often found in western companies.